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Your  One Stop Shop For All Your Waxing  Needs!

Brazilian Waxing Specialist For Men & Women

You Grow It! We Mow It!

All G.S.T is now included in the price!

So the price you see is the price you pay!

Muffin Mowers Address

12818 52nd st.

Edmonton, AB

T5A 0B6

(780) 478 - 6644

Here at Muffin Mowers, Waxing is our specialty!!Why Should you choose us?

Not only are we super clean and hygienic, but offer quick and efficient services using top of the line waxes which helps with less "Ouch!"

As a Master Waxologist, I can often have your waxing completed in half the time that other spas do.

Oh, and did I mention that Muffin Mowers is priced right? None of that fancy spa ambiance (that you pay a lot of money to look at). This way I can offer the highest quality service, that won't break the bank!


                                      "I love going to see Tiffany! We always have a great time. Nice and relaxing!!"

                                                                           -Lisa R. H.-